Learn how to resolve team conflict & build better business relationships

Relationship coaches & conscious communication experts Sophie & Jesse are bringing transformative techniques to the modern-day workplace.

This Workshop Empowers You With

A new perspective on why conflict arises in workplace relationships

A powerful way to express your needs authentically & be heard

A practical technique to immediately reduce confrontation

A communication toolbox for building better business relationships

Are you ready to see your team access another level

of clear and conscious communication?

A study by The Centre for Collaborative
Communication found that after training:

• 100% of participants reported increases efficiency
• Time to resolve issues reduced by 90%
• Problem-solving time cut by 33%
• Overall efficiency increased up to 80%
• A reduction in the number of meetings needed to address issues reduced by 80%. [source]

People resort to conflict when they don’t know how to use mutually beneficial strategies for meeting the needs of all involved.

Fortune 500 companies are using this collaborative communication technique to power up performance.

Imagine if your team could be equipped with the same communication skills for success?


How quickly would they be able to overcome conflict, office tensions, irate customers and stressful situations?


What if you could enhance leadership skills to create a more engaged team with improved productivity and morale?

Companies using Collaborative Communication principles

Day 1

Transformative Communication

in the Workplace

High performance starts by sharpening your team’s interpersonal skills. It’s time to overcome workplace conflict, get better at confronting complex situations and foster stronger business relationships.

This workshop provides a new method of conflict-resolution that promotes empathy and collaboration. You will learn a powerful 4-step communication technique that reduces confrontation, enables you to be heard and the ability to get your needs met.

This practical approach to communication is the perfect tool to manage and overcome conflict in relationships. By using the techniques we share, you'll be able to get out of difficult and sometimes repetitive situations, and create more powerful and productive business relationships.

This 1 day workshop will give you:

• An introduction to Collaborative Communication Principles (NVC)

• A new perspective and understanding on why miscommunication arises

• Tools to speak with ease and confidence

• Self-awareness to express your needs authentically

• How to listen and respond in a way that reduces conflict

• A practical technique you can apply immediately

Day 2

Communicating for

Better Business Relationships

Your ability to create rapport in complex environments can make or break your team. So get ready to step up and become a "conscious communicator." This workshop will help you develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence, so you can consciously choose the best communication strategies for different working relationships.


This workshop is dedicated for anyone who wants to improve business results through better relationships. We will dig deeper into your communication behaviors, equip you with winning communication tactics, and help you work harmoniously with others to achieve goals.

This 1 day workshop will give you:

• Confidence applying collaborative communication principles with co-workers, managers, and business partners.

• A deeper understanding of your communication behaviors, and their contribution towards confrontation and misunderstandings.

• How to listen to the needs of others, and respond with empathy.

• How to improve business relationships by adapting your communication style towards different personalities.

• A communication toolbox to deepen the relationship with yourself and others.

We all bring different perspectives, ideas and values to a team. It’s time to harness those differences and turn them into a positive force for improved productivity and teamwork.

Get Better Workplace Results with these Transformative Techniques

Improved Leadership

Self-awareness brings authentic leadership to the workplace. Leaders will be able to speak and listen with impact, build deeper relationships, and navigate through difficult conflicts with ease.

Better Teamwork

Studies show that 49% of workplace conflict comes from personality clashes and ego. Our workshop will help your team take responsibility for their own communication behaviors, speak more compassionately and adapt their communication towards others even in complex situations.

Negotiation skills

Being equipped with higher emotional intelligence enables you to read the needs of others, and recognize what is important to them. These skills help you navigate through difficult conversations, and even successfully close the deal.


The biggest barriers to workplace success begin with communication. This workshop enables teams to overcome relationship blocks quicker, so they can focus on the task at hand and achieve their goals.

Workshop Leaders

Sophie Parienti


NLP & Communication Coach

Sophie helps people from all over
the world develop and integrate the
skills and tools necessary for
authentic communication. With a
growing international client list, she
helps her clients reconnect with
themselves and enjoy more impactful
relationships in their lives.

Her teachings and her process is an
exploration; helping others unlock
their potential and discover a more
enriching way of being.

Jesse Gabler


NLP & Communication Coach

Jesse is passionate about studying and altering the structure of the mind; helping others be more inspired, creative and productive. Jesse’s focus is about self-awareness when dealing with conflict. He promotes a practical approach to collaborative communication so that individuals can use these techniques in all areas of their life.


“My business partner and I were on the verge of breaking up our company and going our separate ways. Your technique and coaching saved us. Not only are we now stronger than ever, but our company achieved our first $1 million in sales this year.”

—  Meredith 

Trend Studio Director, Los Angeles

“Discover the tools to unlock your team’s communication potential”

What You Will Get

  • 2 full-day workshops at your company

  • Dedicated coaching from Sophie & Jesse throughout the day

  • Workbooks and additional resources to take back to the office

  • Evaluations of workshop & the impact on your team

  • Access to coaching emails and follow-up support


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