"You helped me a great deal in processing the rawness and depth of my pain. "


Beside being the founder of the online wellness platform yogitimes.com, I am an active life coach. I call my teaching, "Heart to Heart” Communication, a conscious process that enables people to walk further on the path of self discovery.

I truly enjoy helping my worldwide clients develop and integrate the skills and tools necessary to establish an authentic communication with themselves and with others (friends, partner, children, spouse etc..)

This process is an exploration that leads towards the unveiling of the deepest fears and stories accumulated over the years. 

"Heart to Heart" Communication approach and focus is mainly on "how" to move out of problems rather that focusing on the “why."


I like the "one on one" personal approach format (in person and on skype) as well as the group energy via the empowering and transformative "Fabric of Life" workshops I run with my husband, Jesse.

Transform Your Communication & Live an Authentic Life

Are you ready for lasting change? Let's talk.

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